Umrah is a great act of worship but is not a obligation (Faraz) but a tradition which is almost compulsory for those who have the means.

The rewards and virtues of performing umrah are many, The Prophet (sallahu alaihi wassallam) mentioned is a hadith, “Between one umrah and another is an expiation of sins”.

Being in the Travel Industry for last 30+ Years, Al Noor Tours and Travels has been very successful in catering to thousands of passengers and has achieved the highest rank.

Al Noor quadri Tours and Travels has devised pilgrim packages to fulfill the dreams of millions to perform Umrah with the comfort of flying from 5 metro cities in India with a series of departures to enable the pilgrims to travel at their convenience.

Having set the service levels high along with quality hotels in proximity to the Holy Haram in Makkah & Madinah has enabled us to cater the pilgrims every year.

Al Noor Tours and Travels holds a large market share that gives the bargaining power with all suppliers resulting in economical packages for the Pilgrims.

3 star hotels like Dar al Eman Muhajreen & Gulnar Taiba are booked for the pilgrims. These hotels are close Holy Haram and enable a comfortable stay for all the pilgrims.

Umrah Package Details :

Group features

  • Direct flights HYD/JED/HYD, Saudi Airlines / Air India ( 7 days in Makkah and 7 days in Medina ).

  • Accommodation at star hotels, which is very close to Haram shareef, from where a senior person can go easily.

  • Umarh ziyarat in Makkah and Medina with professional guide.

  • Delicious Hyderabadi foods 3 times in a day with tea.

  • Times in a day with tea.

  • Round Trip Transportation ( A/c Bus ) ( JED-MAK-MED-JED )

  • Laundry service & First aid.


Age       Facilities     Without Bed       With Bed
0-2           All                42,000/-              -
2-11         All                58,000/-            68,000/-
Adult       All                 68,000/-           78,000/-

New Laws of Umrah 1428 H

Indian Passport with Minimum 6 month validity.
Two Blank Pages are a must.
2 photograph size 6 cm by 4 cm  - White  back ground.                                  
As per the notice of the Royal Consulate General Of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai the procedure duration of endorsement of Umrah visa will take 6-7 working days.

Terms and Conditions for Umrah Visa.

Single Male must be above 40 years of age.
Below 40 years males and females should be accompanied by Mehram and family relationship must be proved on the passports or either by any original document for example Nikahnama, Additional passport etc...
Male Child below 17 years should be accompanied with a Male Mehram and Child above 17 years should be accompanied by Female Mehram.
Ladies cannot travel Alone without a Mehram.

Important Advice (MUST READ) :

Please Arrange for your FOREX before hand. Officically you can carry only 10000 Indian Rupees outside the country, Hence you have to convert your Indian Rupees to Saudi Riyals before reaching the Airport as doing it on last minute at the Airport will be very expensive.
Please be prepared for Long waiting hours at Jeddah Airport and Hajj terminal it might take 4-5 Hours to clear Immigration at times also it might take time for the Busses to arrive due to heavy traffic so please carry few snacks with you in handcarry.
Please carry an Extra set of Ehram and 3-4 Sets of Slippers.
Keep your Money safe, Do not carry excess money for Umrah or Tawaaf.
Ladies are adviced Not to wear Heavy Gold Jewellery during visit to Haram.
Instead of Mineral water try to DRINK only ZamZam while in Makkah and Madina.
Its Free and its the Best Available Water on planet Earth.
You can fill small bottles with ZamZam while going for every Namaz.
Read Books on Hajj and Umrah Before travelling.
Carry a extra Three pin, Two pin Adapter for Mobile & Laptop Recharges.
Choose your Luggage carefully. Select Bags with WHEELS as you may need to walk at times with luggage
Meet your Relatives and Friends before going.
Please carry your own TOWELS and HANDKERCHIEFS.

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